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    Annual & Sustaining Memberships are a way for the local, regional & global communities to support the Amphibian Foundation & the conservation of endangered amphibians. We couldn't do what we do without everyone's support, so please join us today as we fight to save amphibians!

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    The Amphibian Foundation relies on support in the form of annual and sustaining memberships. Our membership program provides the support needed to continue our conservation programs & gives members opportunities to get further involved!

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Become a Member of the Amphibian Foundation!

Flatwoods Salamander

Flatwoods Salamander

Includes discounts on programs like Critters & Cabernet and the Master Herpetologist Program, as well as a logo shirt. — $100

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Gopher Frog

Gopher Frog

Includes discounts on programs like Critters & Cabernet and the Master Herpetologist Program, as well as a car decal. — $60

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Striped Newt

Striped Newt

Includes discounts on programs like Critters & Cabernet and the Master Herpetologist Program. — $35

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Sustaining Memberships

Sustaining Memberships

Sustaining Memberships are a way to insure the Foundation will always have resources to complete our conservation initiatives, and an alternative to our annual memberships. Select a monthly level that works for you.

Sustainment Levels
Individual Amount

Individual Amount

 Current Amphibian Foundation Members

Flatwoods Salamanders


Jan Wendler

Thomas Palisi

Michael Martin

Christopher Herndon

Erin Cork

Christine Wander

Dave Hulmes

Joshua Netherton

Laurelin Sitterly

Bonnie Harrison

Dedicated to Connor Pendleton Howell

Teresa Stickels

Eva Squires

Jane Voss

Christopher Bagley

Melanie Foreman

Jacob Fister

Emily Capps

Emily Bragg

Carrie Aubin

Lesli Satterfield

Betty Hanacek

Whitney Kroschel

Derek Hauffe

Erin Smoak

Barbara Marston

Lawrence Bracken

Catherine Herschel

Carol L

Phil Cote

Mary Kimberly & Gavin MacDonald

Murphy Harrington

Max 'The Factor' Tauber

Lauren Noggle

Leslie Phillips

Susan Collins

Gopher Frogs

Steven Lindsay

Carol Parente

Marc Merlin

Ronald Willson

Andrew Keth

Susan Massie

Eric Maxwell

Patricia Bell

Karen Meinzen McEnerny

Sandra Garber

Jennifer Parks

David Gill

Lesli Satterfield

Alden Levine

Sustaining Members

Aziz Nahas

Dorothy Winhold

Justin Pizzala

Striped Newts

Tom Sheehan

Priya Nanjappa

Michelle Hamner

Josh Craig

Heather Bostwick

Bradley Goodman

Kathy Smith

Christina Diaz

Mike Pingleton

John Jensen

Harry Booth

Ian Firestone

Katie Clayton

Robert Keiser

Maureen Cartoon

Mark Bacchus

Richard Stevens

Carla Taquechel

Erin Feichtner

Sally Wansboro

Phyllis Ruther

Louis E Kiphen

Elise Cormier

Sarah Horsley

Angela Ferguson

Lesli Satterfield

Associated Student Council of Olivet Nazarene University

Alice Lee

Peter Chandler

Sheri Forman

Alan Toney

Danielle Ereddia

Beth Garrett

Corporate Sponsors and Donors

The Turner Foundation

The Andrew Sabin Family Foundation


Joel Sartore and Photo Ark

Georgia Reptile Society

Atlanta Herpetological Society

National Amphibian Expo

American Frog Day

The Waterfall Foundation

Georgia Crickets

Josh's Frogs

Joyce Tillman Trust

Green Bay Aquarium Society

Animals Facing Left

Sherman Tanks

Blue Iguana Art

Donors 2018-2019

Jonathan Buchsbaum

James Treacy

Diana Lancaster

Greyson Smith

Marie Flowers

Robert Najdek

Molly Mount

Laura Goodman

Kevin Burke

Evangeline Boyd

Morningwitch Studio

Simplifyem.com Inc

David Hand

Jessie Miller

Dashiell Moe

Finn Moe

Daniel Lantz

Matthew Glass

In Memory of Melanie Foreman

Pearson Justis

Larry Light

Carson Royster

Michael Mauritz

Jaclyn Dietz

William Friedel

Hannah Seay

Sarah Church

Zachary Morris

Eugene Baker

Laurel Turner

Brian Larson

Ashley Larsen

Transcore LP

Mary Phillips

Kaitlyn Quinn

Georgia Smith

Carolyn Spence

Nicholas Hadjimichael 

Lauren Perrin

Daniel Jonas

Rachel Walden

Buttons for Buttons

Everyday Conservation

Suzanne Stern

Luanne Smith

Meisa Salaita

Phoebe Janflone

Helen Beilinson

Danielle Robarge

Raven Schuman

Matthew Bittner

Christopher Cole

Jonas Skeene

Selena Teresa Matias

Daniel Holladay

Chad Machinski

Meghan Cole

James Bottini

Memphis Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers

Daniel Holladay

Preston Chappell

Laurelin Rian Art

James, Henry and Charlie Bottini

Emily Kinley

Grace Mika

Jamie Jubeck

Sebastian Lamb

Alan Toney

Audrey Taylor

Peter Owens

Laurie Godfrey

Nancy Herthum

Charles Smith