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Media and Image Use Policy

The Amphibian Foundation (AF) often receives photography, illustration, and video requests (collectively referred to as visuals). AF has the following policies regarding these requests, which apply to, but are not limited to, all media outlets/companies/organizations and representatives, institutions, partners, staff, and visitors.

For media inquiries, please see the Amphibian Foundation's Media Policy regarding how to proceed with your request. | [email protected]

Press Releases

Famous Frog Toughie Dies, Sending Species to Extinction

by Brian Handwerk

Mark spoke with National Geographic about 'Toughie' and the global amphibian crisis.

Toughie died on September 26, 2016, and his death brought a lot sadness and attention to the current state of the world's amphibian populations. 43% of which are in decline or already extinct. Although Toughie's death and the likely extinction of the Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Tree Frog is an extreme conservation failure, he continues to be an inspiration to conserve species while there is still time.

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