Media and Image Use Policy

The Amphibian Foundation (AF) often receives photography, illustration, and video requests (collectively referred to as visuals). AF has the following policies regarding these requests, which apply to, but are not limited to, all media outlets/companies/organizations and representatives, institutions, partners, staff, and visitors.

For media inquiries, please see the Amphibian Foundation's Media Policy regarding how to proceed with your request. |

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AF Podcasts

Staff at the Amphibian Foundation are frequent podcast guests. Please listen to any of the following discussions on amphibians, amphibian conservation, endangered amphibians, reptiles, villified reptiles, and the importance of education.


September 25th, 2018: Salamander Talk with Mark Mandica

Amphibian Foundation founder, Mark Mandica had an opportunity to visit with Robert and Joe from Stuff to Blow Your Mind in the How Stuff Works studio and discuss salamanders, amphibians and the pressures that these animals are facing. Mark also talked about some of his favorite things about salamanders.