@ the Amphibian Foundation (Atlanta) or we can come to you!

Our Homeschool programs are dynamic, and can be developed to suit your group's individual needs. We would be happy to discuss your specific education needs, just contact our Education staff here.

Frequency Options

Single Program.
Your group will spend their 2-hours at the Amphibian Research and Conservation Center (outdoor), on the preserve (outdoor), or in our classroom (indoor). The focus of the program will be on learning about amphibians, reptiles, and their habitats through outdoor play and exploration. Your Educator can document the experience through photographs, writing down questions and statements from program participants, and facilitating activities like drawing and sketching, observation or data-collection that will demonstrate what children are learning.

Weekly Program.
Your group may visit us once a week for a minimum of 3 weeks and up to a maximum of 28 weeks. The weekly program is available September - May, and groups may schedule the program on any day of the week Monday through Friday. Learning opportunities will emerge from your groups immersion in the amphibians, reptiles and habitats at our various locations on the nature preserve. Your Educator(s) will document each week's experience and plan for new learning opportunities or extensions of current explorations based on the questions, statements, and actions of the participants.

Monthly Program.

Your group will meet once a month for a minimum of 3 months, or up to 9 months. The monthly program is available September - May, and groups may schedule the program on any day of the week Monday through Friday. Some weekend availability is possible.

Examples of Series Themes

The individual needs and interests of your homeschool group will be influential in creating a series that immerses children in exploration and discovery of the animal and natural world. These examples are intended to help you think about the possibilities for your group, but programs are not limited to these themes.

Observation Journaling. Discover the art of journaling as we explore our topics in biology and conservation. Children will make their own observation journal by practicing writing about and drawing observations of the natural world and the animals they are experiencing.

Becoming a Conservationist
. Children will discover, through indoor and outdoor exploration, many things about the reptile and amphibian world — including the immense pressures these animals are facing. We believe that engaging students on this level is empowering the next generation of environmental stewards, and a healthy environment supports animals and humans together. They will build connections to all the natural elements of the world, including their own individual functions.

Additional Items.

  • The series is open to children ages 6 years - 14 years. Parents/Guardians and older/younger siblings may stay with the group without paying a fee, but we ask that adults be responsible for their non-participating children.
  • Parents/Guardians may also drop-off their child.
  • Programs will run rain or shine. In the case of extreme weather, groups may use our indoor classroom.
  • Programs must be paid for 2 weeks in advance. Program fees are non-refundable, but can be applied towards a future program.