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Selected articles from Amphibian Foundation founder Mark Mandica's 'Frog Blog', which has been publishing on amphibian biology and conservation since 2010.

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Intern Spotlight: Javiera Constanzo

As our beloved intern, Javiera returns home to Chile, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the four months that she spent with us as an International Research Intern. After receiving her Masters of Science from Tufts University in Conservation Medicine, Javiera came to work with us in amphibian conservation and collections husbandry projects. In our time working together, Javiera was an essential part of our team, made a tremendous impact on us and our collections, and we look forward to the time when we can work together again, either here or in Chile!

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A New Group of Master Herpetologists Unleashed on the World!

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Congratulations to the Summer 2019 class of Master Herpetologists! Here we are at Sweetwater Creek State Park for our 'reptile' field trip (we found amphibians too). (L-R: Kevin, Ryan, DJ, Cassie, Shaundon, Erin (TA), Erin, Jennifer, Jessica, Brandon, Stephen, me, Anthony, Carol, Phillip, Michaela, and Sarah)