• Amphibious AF Meeting Room

    Amphibious AF Meeting Room

    Lecture Hall & Meeting Space
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The meeting room at the Amphibian Foundation is a large, open, adjustable space in Buckhead on the beautiful Blue Heron Nature Preserve. With vaulted ceilings and exposed beams, it provides an exciting atmosphere for educational programs and meetings.

The room is adorned with Joel Sartore's amazing Vanishing Amphibians exhibit, which was generously donated by Joel, a world-reknowned National Geographic photographer.

Fully Adjustable
The 40 x 20 foot room seats 38 adults at desks and up to 48 seated without desks. The adjustable tables can also be moved together as large conference tables, shaped in a 'U' or 'Rectangle' depending on needs. The tables can be arranged around the perimeter of the room for art shows or auctions as well. The tables can also be removed completely if necessary.

Technical Specifications

Room Size: 40 x 20 feet
Room Height: 25 feet

Seats: 38 (+10 Folding Chairs) 48 Seats Maximum

Lighting: 12 sectional flood lights provide refracted light off the beams and ceiling; 12 adjustable and dimmable spotlights highlight the Sartore photography exhibit, and the presenter (if desired).

Audio/Visual Specs
Large Screen HD Projector (1080p); Wireless Projection through Apple TV, or wired through HDMI.
4 High Fidelity speakers, one in each corner.
Handheld wireless microphone and PA System.

Room Availability

This room is available for rental for classes, meetings and events.

Inquire about availability and pricing through the form below. We offer discounts for partners and partner agencies.

Room Rental Request Form

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  • Joel Sartore
Joel Sartore is a dedicated conservationist and friend of the Amphibian Foundation.

Through his work with the PhotoArk and National Geographic, Joel has raised awareness of the global extinction crisis with his incredible imagery. We are honored that Joel has chosen the Amphibian Foundation to be the final home of his Vanishing Amphibians exhibit, which toured the US for several years, and now is on permanent display in our meeting room. Each piece is individually lit with adjustable spotlights.

Amphibian Foundation Facilities

All of our facilities are equipped with Zilla products. Ryan McVeigh and Zilla are steadfast supporters of conservation and the Amphibian Foundation. We couldn't do what we do without this vital support and are incredibly grateful for Zilla's generosity — since the very first days of the Amphibian Foundation.

Snake Discovery filmed a Behind the Scenes tour of Zilla featuring Ryan and their approach to enclosure and decor design. It's incredibly entertaining so we wanted to include it here. We love working with Zilla!