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    'Metamorphosis Meadow'
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Amphibian Research & Conservation Center'Metamorphosis Meadow'

This outdoor laboratory consists of 20 miniature ecosystems called mesocosms which hold hundreds of endangered amphibians in propagation colonies. We can make sure they receive  all of the food, water and environmental cues they need to produce healthy offspring, which then, with the help of our partners, can be released into protected habitat.

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An enclosed and self-sufficient experimentally controllable environment or ecosystem which enable scientists to recreate natural systems and processes.

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Dedicated to connecting individuals, communities & organizations in order to
create & implement lasting solutions to the global amphibian extinction crisis.

The Amphibian Research & Conservation Center is the only facility of it's kind on the planet.

Nicknamed 'Metamorphosis Meadow', it consists of 20 artifical and experimentally controllable tri-phasic wetlands. Each contain the upland, wetland and ecotone habitats — each provide refugia, breeding and nesting microhabitats reprectively. Metamorphosis Meadow is our greatest tool to produce large numbers of endangered amphibian species, all of which are released back into the wild. The ARCC was constructed with the support of the Sabin Family Foundation, the Turner Foundation, and the community through a crowd-funding campaign on YouCaring.

While this facility has the ability to increase numbers of wild populations of imperiled species, it can only have a lasting impact if coordinated with significant improvements to habitat quality; restoration and a committment to proper land management into the future. The production of captive propagated offspring at The Amphibian Foundation is only one portion of an overall conservation plan enacted along with many state, federal and global partners.

We are happy to share the Amphibian Research & Conservation Center with your school through our Field Trip Program. To learn more about our field trips, and book one for your school, please see below.

Field Trips to the Amphibian Foundation

  • Frosted Flatwoods Salamander

    Frosted Flatwoods Salamander

  • Mole Salamander

    Mole Salamander

  • Gopher Frog

    Gopher Frog

  • Metamorphosis Meadow

    Metamorphosis Meadow

  • Striped Newt

    Striped Newt

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