• Junior Master Herpetologist Program

    Expert Perspectives into the World of Amphibians & Reptiles
    Adapted from our acclaimed Master Herpetologist Program (for adults), our Junior Master Herpetologist Program is intended for a younger audience. It is offered 100% online, and our students are from all over the world —
    This program is perfect for younger learners (ages 12-17) interested in amphibians and reptiles, as well as those interested in entering the field of herpetology.

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    The Junior Master Herpetologist Program is a certificate program.

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The Junior Master Herpetologist Program is offered as an 8 week virtual class, hosted by the Amphibian Foundation. It is based on our acclaimed Master Herpetologist Program (for adults) and adapted for a younger audience. The Junior Master Herpetologist Program is perfect for young learners, aged 12-17 interested in amphibians and reptiles as well as those interested in exploring the field of herpetology.

The Junior Master Herpetologist Program is lead by Master Herpetologist and Lead Venomous Instructor, Maryann Barbon and instructed by multiple AF Master Herpetologist virtual educators.

The Junior Master Herpetologist Program is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, allowing students to process the information at their own pace, and to enroll in the course from anywhere in the world. There will be weekly 1 hour live sessions on Saturdays, in addition to the pre-recorded lectures and assignments on the topics below. Students are encouraged to attend the live sessions on Saturdays, but it is not required. During this hour, students will be able to ask questions of our instructors as well as participate in our live animal demonstrations. Students are welcome and encouraged to introduce their own pet amphibians and reptiles, as well. In each week, the live sessions will be offered at 2 different times (1 am & 1 pm EST for ages 12-14; and 12am & 12pm for ages 15-17), so hopefully students wishing to attend the live sessions can join one of them.

Course Schedule - Class starts Saturday, July 15, 2023

  • Week 1 - Introduction to Amphibians & Reptiles
  • Week 2 - Caecilians & Salamanders
  • Week 3 - Frogs & Toads
  • Week 4 - Tuatara & Lizards
  • Week 5 - Snakes
  • Week 6 - Turtles & Crocodilians
  • Week 7 - Study Sessions
  • Week 8 - Final Exam
Students who complete the course successfully will be certified Junior Master Herpetologists. The registration fee covers all lectures, handouts, and reading materials & the certificate.

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Are you under the age of 12, but would still like to join us in the Junior Master Herpetologist Program?

While the class is designed for 12-17 year old students, we realize there are a lot of passionate and advanced young 'herpetologists in the making' out there, and we want to be as inclusive as possible. We are happy to make exceptions, and would like to connect with younger learners and their families before admitting students under the age of 10. If you are 10 or 11, and feel you would enjoy a class with older students, you may register as well.

If you are under the age of 10 and would like to take this class, please fill out this form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Registration is Open!

The Junior Master Herpetologist Program online is $175 for the 8 session program. It includes the lectures, all handouts, a certificate, and final exam.

Class starts July 15, 2023
Registration closes July 14, 2023
Login information will be emailed to students on the day before the first day of class (July 14), if not sooner.

Ages 12 - 14

Meets at 1am & 1pm EST each Saturday for a live session.
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Ages 15 - 17

Meets at 12am & 12pm EST each Saturday for a live session.
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Please enroll your future Junior Master Herpetologist in the group that best matches your student — some younger learners would do better in the older group, and vice versa.

Live Zoom Sessions!

The (optional) live sessions for the Junior Master Herpetologist are fun, and all the students are encouraged to attend. Because students come from all over the world, each week the live sessions are at 1 am and 1pm to maximize the chances that every student will be able to join one of them. Please join Maryann (Lead Instructor) and bring your questions, and if you have one, bring your pet critter too! The live sessions will be recorded and made available to all students.

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1 am EST

1 pm EST

Lead Instructor, Maryann

Maryann Barbon The Junior Master Herpetologist Program is led by Master Herpetologist and AF Educator, Maryann.

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Click here for instructions on how to give the Master Herpetologist Program as a gift. We provide instructions and also an image you can use to surpise your student!