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The Amphibian Foundation's award-winning educational programs are available for online learners.

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The Amphibian Foundation offers many biology and conservation programs for kids. The following programs are offered for classroom studies, projects and experiments. All amphibians are donated by The Amphibian Foundation and its partners to schools for their experiments.

**As the animals donated are born at the Amphibian Foundation, some of the projects are dependent on the availability of the baby frogs and salamanders**

Amphibian Foundation @ Your School!

Amphibian Foundation @ Your School!

The Amphibian Foundation Education & Outreach Team would be happy to come to your school and engage students with reptiles and amphibians. We can provide live demonstrations, presentations on biology and conservation, we can work with your school on monitoring the campus for amphibians, and teach students how to collect data and conduct research. Contact us about visiting your school.

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Rainforest Project

Rainforest Project

This project is intended for 2nd - 4th Grade Classrooms. Students research rainforests and what makes them unique. They investigate the qualities that make a rainforest, and work towards using the key features to design a vivarium that can sustain rainforest frogs, like Cobalt Poison Frogs. With guidance, the students will construct the enclosure and when it is ready — we add the baby Poison Frogs!

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Thomas W Boa
Twins With Snakes At WAWA
  • Mark and Crystal at Colham Ferry Elementary
  • Mark and Crystal at Colham Ferry Elementary

    Amphibian Foundation Founders Mark and Crystal Mandica standing outside Colham Ferry Elementary School, after giving a presentation on amphibian conservation and the Frosted Flatwoods Salamander. Mark originally reached out to the school — which as you can see here has a huge Flatwoods Salamander sign in front of the school — to engage the students about the significance of this species, and how much he loved that they are celebrating the salamander.

    (Original artwork by Cameron Hampton)


The Amphibian Foundation's Education & Outreach team can come to any school in the metro Atlanta area. The cost for a visit is $150/hour. Special rates can be arranged for a full day of activities and presentations. Please contact us with questions or to book a visit.

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