Biology of the Reptiles is offered during Spring semesters at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. The course is open to all (18+), and is a live class taught via Zoom on 8 consecutive Saturdays.

100% Online | Live class | 8 week program | Offered each Fall semester.

Biology of the Reptiles

Biology of the Reptiles

Snakes, lizards, turtles, and others comprise one of the most fascinating groups of vertebrates — the reptiles. There is hardly a group which inspires as much wonder, awe, and fear as this one. This course provides an exploration into reptiles beginning with how they arose on earth, and then discussing what they have been up to since they got here. Global biodiversity will be discussed in detail, exploring the major groups and their relationships to each other. The anatomy and physiology will be explored, as well as the ecological role of reptiles in keeping our environments healthy.

This course is offered at Agnes Scott College, through the Continuing Education Program, and is therefore open to anyone wishing to take the course. The course is intended for adults (18+), so please contact the instructor before registering anyone under 18 years of age.

This course assumes a basic understanding of Biology and Comparative Anatomy, but are not requirements. All required course materials wll be available for free download.

This class is offered each Spring, and takes place over 8 Saturday afternoons; each class is 3 hours long (2:30-5:30); basically 3 regular classes in succession each Saturday.

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Biology of the Reptiles is offered through Agnes Scott College's Continuing Education Program and is open to all. This class is limites to adult students, 18+.

The course runs for 8 weeks (8 consecutive Saturdays)

Registration is $100 for the class. Class starts in September, and is 100% online. Classes will be recorded and posted in case you need to miss a class.

Registration is not currently open for the Fall semester, but sign up on the mailing list (link below) and we'll let you know when it opens!

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