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College & Adult Courses

Master Herpetologist Program

The Master Herpetologist Certification Program is offered both at the Amphibian Foundation and online, and is taught by a diversity of herpetologists from around the world. The in-person class in Atlanta is instructed jointly between the Foundation, GA DNR, the Orianne Society.

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Critters & Cabernet

Critters & Cabernet debuted at the 2018 Atlanta Science Festival. This is the 21+ version of our popular children's program — Critter Camp. C & C is a casual learning experience in series format, so we focus on a specific topic or group of animals each session.

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Biology of the Reptiles

Biology of the Reptiles is offered during Spring semesters at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. The course is open to all.

— This class will be offered 100% online this semester and will start on Saturday, May 23rd —

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Biology of the Amphibians

Biology of the Amphibians is taught at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA by Executive Director Mark Mandica. The class is offered through Agnes Scott's Continuing Education Program, and is open to all.

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