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    Courses, Classes and Educational Programs for All Ages
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Critter Camp

We offer many biology and conservation programs for kids. Our first, is Critter Camp - a science-based summer and school-year camp with three locations — the Friends School of Atlanta, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance and the Blue Heron Nature Preserve (Where the Amphibian Foundation is located). Campers explore concepts in biology, ecology and conservation using a safe, hands-on approach with reptiles and amphibians.. Here are some of the highlights, but a lot more information, including registration details are available on the Critter Camp website (critter-camp.org)

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Field Trips to AF

One of the most exciting programs we offer are school field trips to the Amphibian Foundation. Classes of any size are welcomed and we can provide a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor programming.

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Atlanta Urban Ecologists (Ages 12 - 18)

The Atlanta Urban Ecologists program for youth in grades 8 through 12 will guide students in the discovery of the fascinating, rich ecology of Metropolitan Atlanta, providing opportunities for hands-on field experiences, conservation, and citizen science.

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Critter Club (After School Clubs)

The Amphibian Foundation Education Team is available to come to any school in the metro area and provide educational programs about amphibians and reptiles after school. The programs typically last for an hour.

These safe, hands-on programs are an excellent way to continue learning about these exciting groups of animals. If you are interest in having Critter Club at your school, reach out to us! There are still openings left.

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Master Herpetologist Program

Registration Now Open For the Fall!

The Master Herpetologist Program is offered at the Amphibian Foundation and instructed jointly between the Foundation, GA DNR and the Orianne Society.

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Elementary School Programs

The Amphibian Foundation offers many biology and conservation programs for kids. The following programs are offered for classroom studies, projects and experiments. All amphibians are donated by The Amphibian Foundation and its partners to schools for their experiments.

**As the animals donated are born at the Amphibian Foundation, some of the projects are dependent on the availability of the baby frogs and salamanders**

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Master Class in Amphibian Biology

The Master Class in Amphibian Biology is taught at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA by Executive Director Mark Mandica. The class is offered through Agnes Scott's Continuing Education Program, and is open to all.

Amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, efts and caecilians) are an incredibly diverse and interesting clade. This course explores the taxonomy of the major types of amphibians; defining each group and the characters that unite them before examining their biodiversity and adaptations. This course will be a deep dive into the biology, morphology, physiology, biogeography, and evolution of amphibians. Topics such as reproduction, metamorphosis, functional morphology, freeze tolerance and phenotypic plasticity will be covered in splendid detail. Special emphasis will be placed on the amphibians native to the metro Atlanta region.

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Critter Birthday Parties

Looking for the perfect birthday party for your nature, animal and wildlife loving child?

We can come to you!

The Amphibian Foundation can send one of our experts to your party with reptiles and amphibians, and lots of fun facts and knowledge to share with the party. You even get to pick which animals or types of animals you would like to party with!

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Venomous Handling and Certification Program

Venomous Training Program

We are pleased to offer a Venomous Handling and Certification Program at the Amphibian Foundation.

This 2-day workshop, provided by the Rattlesnake Conservancy, is a comprehensive training to prepare yourself for working with venomous snakes, or encountering them in the field safely. Using the techniques and protocols laid out by TRC, not a single person (TRC, AF staff or students) has ever been bitten by a venomous serpent.

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Home School Programs

Program Details

Our Home School programs are dynamic, and can be developed to suit your group's individual needs. Please contact Crystal, our Director of Education to discuss your specific needs.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
562 7 RIBBIT

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Critters & Cabernet

Critters & Cabernet debuted at the 2018 Atlanta Science Festival. This is the 21+ version of our popular children's program — Critter Camp.

C & C is a casual learning experience in series format, so we focus on a specific topic or group of animals each session.

'Reptiles and Wine — What could go wrong?'

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