Critters & Cabernet - Ages 21+

In-person (Atlanta) | 2 hour program | First Friday of every month

This is the 21+ version of our popular children's program — Critter Camp. C & C is a casual learning experience in series format, so we focus on a specific topic or group of animals each session. — 'Reptiles and Wine — What could go wrong?'

Each Critters and Cabernet session lasts for 2 hours, and includes lessons mixed with live animal demonstrations and handling (if desired). There is, of course, no obligation to hold animals if you do not wish. The sessions occur in our glorious classroom, on the second floor of the Amphibian Foundation.

Instructors are Team Venom! AF's Venomous Training & Certification Instructors, who provide the venomous training later that weekend.

Critters & Cabernet Calendar
Sessions occur on the first Friday each month, from 7-9pm

Session 1 (Jan): Salamanders (Salamanders, Newts, and allies)
Session 2 (Feb): Frogs (Frogs, Toads, and allies)
Session 3 (Mar): Turtles (Turtles, Tortoises, and allies)
Session 4 (Apr): Lizards (Lizards, limbed and otherwise)
Session 5 (May): Snakes (Boas, Pythons, and others)
Session 6 (Jun): Venomous Snakes + Lizards (100% safe)
Session 7 (Jul): Salamanders II (Salamanders, Newts, and allies)
Session 8 (Aug): Frogs II (Frogs, Toads, and allies)
Session 9 (Sep): Turtles II (Turtles, Tortoises, and allies)
Session 10 (Oct): Lizards II (Lizards, limbed and otherwise)
Session 11 (Nov): Snakes II (Boas, Pythons, and others)
December: No C & C (Amphibian Foundation Open House on the first Friday).

Critters & Cabernet is not wheelchair accessible.

Event Information

Event Date 08-02-2024 7:00 pm
Event End Date 08-02-2024 9:00 pm
Capacity 21
Registered 16
Individual Price $30.00
Location Amphibian Foundation

Venue Information - Amphibian Foundation

The Amphibian Foundation is located at the beautiful Blue Heron Nature Preserve @ 4055 Roswell Rd. NE Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30342.

Our building is at the corner of Roswell Rd and Lakemore Dr, and there is a short bridge to cross into our parking lot. If the lot is full, there is plenty of parking along Rickenbacker Drive, and there is a path from Rickenbacker to our building.

The direct entrance to AF is not the main entrance to the building. Our side entrance is off to the right, up a ramp. AF is not open to the public, so that door is always locked, unless it is left opened for events and classes.

Come in the door, walk through the winding hallway, go through a second door, and turn right up the stairs. AF is located primarily on the second floor of the building, and unfortunately, is not wheelchair accessible.