'The Amphibian Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting individuals, communities and organizations in order to create and implement lasting solutions to the global amphibian extinction crisis'


— Through conserving amphibians and their ecosystems, we are protecting one of the most sensitive and diverse groups of animals for the benefit of wildlife biodiversity, humanity and the environment.


— Through conducting scientific investigations, partnering with other agencies, educating others, training citizen scientists, and disseminating information through publications, compelling graphics & web platforms — we are growing a team of committed people building relationships to inspire the conservation of amphibians.


  • Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Program

    Flatwoods Salamander Recovery Program

    2012 - PRESENT

    The Amphibian Foundation is working towards a comprehensive recovery plan for the imperiled Flatwoods Salamanders including captive breeding and experimental release into protected habitat.

    Partners: USFWS, GA DNR, USGS, VA Tech, SA Zoo, the Coastal Plains Institute, Fort Stewart and the FFWCC

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  • Gopher Frog Head-starting and Captive Breeding

    Gopher Frog Head-starting and Captive Breeding

    2009 - PRESENT

    We are working on conserving Georgia's rarest frog - the Carolina Gopher Frog (Rana capito) through assisted metamorphosis as well as captive breeding.

    Partners: GA DNR, Zoo Atlanta, UGA and USFWS

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  • Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program

    Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program

    2013 - PRESENT

    We have proudly developed a Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program with 40 monitoring sites in and around the 285 perimeter and is comprised of over 200 members!

    Partners: Adopt-a-Stream, GA DNR, Piedmont Park Conservancy, Fernbank Museum, Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, South Fork Conservancy, Blue Heron Nature Preserve and the Atlanta Science Tavern and many others

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  • Atlanta Urban Ecologists

    Atlanta Urban Ecologists

    2016 - PRESENT

    We are offering a year long Atlanta Urban Ecologists program to students (Grades 7 - 12) with regional experts in their repective fields.

    Partners: Atlanta Audubon, Trees Atlanta, the Chattahoochee Nature Center, Arabia Mountain and the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

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  • Critter Camp

    Critter Camp

    2015 - PRESENT

    One of the most popular educational programs we have developed is Critter Camp! A five full day exploration into the world of reptiles and amphibians. A safe and hands-on experience for our critter campers, we spend the first day on salamanders, then frogs, then turtles, lizards and snakes. Over 200 animals are available for Critter Camp.

    Partner: The Friends School of Atlanta

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  • Young Scientists' League

    Young Scientists' League

    2009 - PRESENT

    One of the educational programs of the Young Scientists' League is the 2nd Grade Poison Frog Feeding Experiment. 2nd Graders learn how to raise Poison Frogs, design terraria, feed frogs, collect data and generate hypotheses. Groups of frogs are fed different prey items, and the groups growth rates can then be calculated and compared. Rainforest habitats can be studied so that accurate and healthy environments can be created in the classroom for keeping healthy frogs. Frogs are donated by The Amphibian Foundation and local Poison Frog breeders. (remember: Poison Frogs are safe and NOT toxic in captivity!)

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