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  • Tiger Salamanders

    Tiger Salamanders have recently been added to the Georgia State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) as the species is now of concern by wildlife officials and conservationists.
    Eastern populations are small in size and several are in decline as a result of pesticide use and ecological succession.

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Ambystoma tigrinum

Tiger Salamanders can be found along the Atlantic coast south of New York and down to Florida.

The Tiger Salamander was recently added to Georgia's State Wildlife Action Plan (S.W.A.P.) as we are just becoming concerned about the status of Georgia Tiger Salamanders.

Tiger Salamanders, like other congeners are temporary wetland breeding amphibians, and breed in fish-less wetlands that dry out periodically throughout the year. They are Coastal Plain endemics, but are found in other geographical regions in their range.

Recovery Plan
Although Tiger Salamanders have been captive bred previously, the protocols necessary for the reliable propagation of offspring, which would candidates for release back into the wild have never been described. We are determining best practices for this purpose in order to produce a protocol for the successful reproduction which can be exported to other intitutions. This will further insure the ability to keep this species from further declines.

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