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  • Spotted Salamanders

    The Amphibian Foundation focuses on the declining urban populations of Spotted Salamanders.
    Spotted Salamanders have precipitously declined in the metro Atlanta region. Our community science program — Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program — has only detected 2 small seasonal wetlands supporting this species.

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Ambystoma maculatum

Spotted Salamanders are found in mature deciduous forests from eastern Canada throughout the eastern and midwestern United States.

Spotted Salamanders live in the uplands of mature decidious forests in eastern North America, and breed in seasonal wetlands (ephemeral ponds, vernal ponds, puddles) that collect water for a few months and dry out completely. These fish-less wetlands are vital for a host of amphibians, invertebrates and other wildlife.

Recovery Plan
Although Spotted Salamanders are considered stable, for the most part, throughout their range, they have been precipitously declining in the metro Atlanta region. Through our community science program, the Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program — we have only detected 2 seasonal wetlands occupied by this species. Foundation staff have worked with area partners to repatriate the Spotted Salamanders to a third location, and are currently developing the fourth. If successful, we will have doubled the known populations of Spotted Salamanders in Atlanta!

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