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  • Marbled Salamanders

    Marbled Salamanders have all but disappeared from the greater Atlanta area.
    Despite being stable throughout most of its range, Marbled Salamanders have only been detected in 2 small wetlands in the metro Atlanta region. We are working with area partners to restore habitat and return this beautiful species to the greenspaces of Atlanta.

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Ambystoma opacum

Marbled Salamanders are found throughout the eastern US but are absent from SE Georgia, peninsular FL, & the higher elevations of the Appalachians.

Marbled Salamanders share much of the same old growth deciduous forest habitat with Spotted Salamanders, but are seasonally differentiated by breeding in the fall (opposed to Spotted Salamanders, which breed in the winter and early spring).

Recovery Plan
The Amphibian Foundation has identified Marbled Salamanders (a species of least concern throughout most their range), as in need of concern in the metro Atlanta region. This species historically occured throughout the Georgia Piedmont, and has only been detected in 2 small ephemeral wetlands in the south of metro Atlanta. The Foundation is working with area partners to restore habitat, and potentially release captive produced offspring into properly managed habitat.

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Did You Know?

Marbled Salamanders and Flatwoods Salamanders are the only species known to breed in dry ponds?.

It's an interesting strategy for sure, and by focusing on the successful captive propagation of Marbled Salamanders we gain greater insight into the reproductive biology of Flatwoods Salamanders, as well as other pond breeding amphibians.